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Circumnavigate west Maui - hwy 30/340

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By ndefreitas (5 McR Points) on Sep 18, 2011

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November 30, 2011
My wife and I visited the beautiful island of…

Written Directions

Start in the town of Lahaina heading north on hwy 30, which turns into hwy 340, and back to hwy 30 as you make your way around west Maui back to the finish where you started in Lahaina.


Along 30 it's mostly flat with the blue pacific ocean on your left, and along 340 it's breathtaking switchbacks overlooking cliffs with the blue pacific several hundred feet below. Slice through small local towns, watch out for falling rock, and enjoy the lush vegetation along hwy 340.

Drive Enjoyment

There are lots of sweeping curves on hwy 30 overlooking the pacific ocean, and most of hwy 340 is smooth with hilly switchbacks. We rode in mostly 2nd gear along hwy 340 between 10mph, and 25 mph to keep things safe.

Tourism Opportunities

Lao Valley State Park is a good place to take a stretch, but there are no food vendors here. If you see a local fruit stand it's a good place to get some fresh pineapple/mango/coconut drink. There are many scenic lookout spots along the entire route which overlook cliffs and the pacific ocean.

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We rented two Harley 883 sportsters, and an electroglide from EagleRiders - due to the switchbacks the smaller bikes were more suited to this route.

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Circumnavigate west Maui - hwy 30/340
Circumnavigate west Maui - hwy 30/340
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November 30, 2011
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
My wife and I visited the beautiful island of Maui for 15 days in November 2011.We rented a Harley softail from Eagle riders in Kihei and followed along the southern coast on Hwy 30,just enjoying the view and great weather stopping many times and taking pictures.But when we got to the north side and started following Hwy 340 it got very interesting,I was alittle nervous as I was riding a strange bike and hadnt rode with a buddy in 10 years or so but the bike felt great and my wife is a great passenger so we continued on Hwy 340 with its curves and switchbacks and few guard rails and some oncoming traffic we rode along the nothern coast and made it to the Hana Hwy and continued on till we hit half way to Hana and it started raining and since it was late turned around and rode back to Kihei.The next day we rode for a couple hours and enjoyed the Hawaiian beauty checked out the lava fields and the returned the bike.We put on about 250 miles before returning the Harley.I would recommend the western ride along hwy 30/340 its the Island version of the Dragons Tail.Ive put on around 500,000 miles on motorcycles and have riden many different rodes but this is by far the best in beauty and challenge.We plan to return to the Island very soon and do the ride again.
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