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Auloa Rd.

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By Jossue88 (13 McR Points) on Apr 28, 2012

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Written Directions

When heading from Honolulu/Waikiki area take the Pali Hwy. towards K-Bay. Once on the windward side of the island and hit a four-way intersection turn right onto Auloa Rd.


This route is short but you will almost always see other sport bike riders here taking the road back and fourth. This has some good sharp turns. There is tons of greenery but what else is expected on the windward side of the island.

Drive Enjoyment

This road is good but after a good rain make sure to pay attention to the green patches on the road....those are slippery.

Tourism Opportunities

You will constantly see other riders there. Its a short ride from one end to the other so I cant imagine you need many amenities on this one.

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