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By NewJersey13 (10 McR Points) on Jun 26, 2014

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Written Directions

leaving Milton take 16 north / 113 North through Milford / turn left onto rt 14 then rt onto rt 15 / stay on 15 it will take a few left right turns but the street signs will lead the way all along the route.


Very flat but a bunch of sweeping turn. Going through Camden and west Dover you will see a number of Amish communities along the way so watch for buggies.

Drive Enjoyment

Not bad. Mostly 2 lane blacktop but watch for leaves in the fall. Takes about 2 hours. Best way to reach the beach and avoid that highway beach traffic!!

Tourism Opportunities

Lots of places to stop and gas stations and Wawas the entire trip.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

GET OFF 13 and 113 in the summer and beat that beach traffic with this route.

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