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By BrandonDavid (5 McR Points) on Jul 21, 2016

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Written Directions

NOTE!: The google map above is NOT accurate. Google maps has a problem handling roads that are not paved and does not allow us to accurately draw out the map. However, the map above does start out correctly and you can use the written directions below as a guide for the rest of the route. Start in Deckers at the intersection and head west, left turn at WigWam Creek Rd. (This is where it turns to dirt for the majority of the ride.) Continue straight on this road to the parking lot for Cheesman Lake. Back on the road out and take the first left (Goose Creek Rd.) and follow that to the fork and take Stoney Pass Rd. (to the right). This road goes up and over Stoney Pass and continues down to Wellington Lake. Once at the lake, turn right on S Buffalo Creek Rd which turns into Redskin Creek Rd and goes all the way back to pavement at Hwy 126. Hang a right to complete the loop in Deckers, or turn left to head to Pine and further north to Hwy 285.


Many mountain views all the way through, plus two beautiful lakes. This route also is very much in the Hayman Fire area, so a great way to see what wildfire can do to the land. Once on the north side of Stoney Pass, the trees are back and you're riding through a canopy.

Drive Enjoyment

It gets a two based on being dirt and it can be wet/snowy. I rode it on a Triumph Tiger XC with road tires and did OK. There were some wet spots on the north side of the pass with a very shallow creek crossing and a little snow in April. The dry season should make it more accessible.

Tourism Opportunities

A little restaurant at the beginning of the ride and no restrooms or other facilities along the route. Cell signal is spotty at best, so ride with a friend.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review