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By Les A (15 McR Points) on Apr 24, 2017

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Written Directions

51 Miles West of Red Deer AB is where you journey begins. You Start your ride at Rocky Mountain House and heads West to Saskatchewan Crossing on route 11.


You will be riding through one of Canada's greatest mountain Ranges along the David Thompson Hwy. If you have time you should stop in Nordegg, it is approx 59min From Rocky Mountain House. While riding along the David Thompson Hwy you see majestic Mountain Ranges with Glaciers. You get to see a amazing Skyblue lake and follow rivers as you wind your way through the valleys. You will be able to see some the local Wildlife. Mountain goats, Moose, Elk, Deer and Grizzly bears are very common near Abraham Lake

Drive Enjoyment

The road quality is perfect and up kept very well. Lots of sweeping never ending corners as well as rolling hills through the valleys. There is a turnout for you to enjoy the Blue waters of Lake Abraham, beautiful stop for a selfie.

Tourism Opportunities

Be sure to top up or fill up in Rocky Mountain House, Saskatchewan Crossing has Gas but it is Very expensive If your hungry and need to eat stop at the Nordegg Lodge for an absolutely fantastic Bison Burger, It shouldn't be missed

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