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By SeekerofADV (5 McR Points) on Jun 23, 2015

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Cnty Rd. 507 runs south out of Gooderham ON. It can also be picked up at the south end off Hwy 36 about 10 miles east of Bobcaygeon ON.


This road does have great scenery but because of it's technical difficulty I don't often pay too much attention to it. There are gorgeous granite rock cuts that often feel like they're overhanging some of the blind corners. It's almost completely tree lined with a few streams along the way.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is fully paved, although it has a few years under it's belt. It's a two lane minor highway with a 50 mile/hour speed limit. Many of the corners have posted lower speed advisories. It's about 25 miles with only one straight stretch long enough for dotted yellow line passing. Curve after curve after curve are really what it's about. By far the best technical motorcycle road I've been on in Ontario.

Tourism Opportunities

Not many amenities but this adds to the undisturbed blast through the forest that awaits you on the 507. Just a few cottage driveways and a small community center in the middle of the stretch. There is a gas station at the south end of the road.

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