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By tr34d (12 McR Points) on Jul 02, 2017

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Written Directions

Starting at the Corner of Mankas Corner Road and Clayton Road, you will have some small places to have a good bite to eat before leaving, including Makas and Vezer's Family Vineyards. From there, there take Mankas Corner Road westbound, then turn Right when you reach Suisun Valley Road. Stay on Suisun Valley Road as it becomes Wooden Valley Road and you will reach SR-121 which is the end of this segment. Taking 121 westbound will take you down a fun but heavily trafficked road into Napa. Taking 121 eastbound will take you past the southern end of Lake Berryessa to Winters which is also quite a fun road, and much less trafficked than the 121 westbound.


This route takes you from the west side of Fairfield up to Berryessa through a small valley in the Vaca Range which forms Napa Valley's eastern border. You will pass small farms and ranches, woodlands, and the road track along a babbling creek.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are well maintained and include mostly broad sweeping turns which are appropriate for almost any level of experience. I have never seen a pott-hole or any significant cracks.

Tourism Opportunities

At the very southern end of this route there is a general store at Mankas Corner. The nearby city of Fairfield offers all services.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This route is best used in combination with SR-121.

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