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By wall-e (10 McR Points) on Jul 08, 2014

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January 4, 2021
I happened upon this route after coming out of…

Written Directions

Wildcat Canyon Road is the access road for Barona Resort and Casino outside of San Diego, CA, near Ramona. The northern end of WCR dead ends into San Vicente Road in Ramona, not far from where the CA-67 and CA-78 meet. On transit south, you will pass through the sovereign nation of Barona and the casino that is the centerpiece, then WCR turns into Ashwood road and goes runs into Lakeside, CA. I usually hang a right onto Willow Rd and meet the CA-67 on my way south to San Diego.


There are a lot of rolling hills and large shade oaks near the many creek crossings. the residential homes are sometimes a little rundown, but there is also a lot of construction and improvement taking place. the casino is the biggest landmark along the way. i'd recommend taking this route in the spring when things are still alive. in summer it gets hot and dry and it's just all dead grass and dust.

Drive Enjoyment

Because this is the only access road to Barona Casino, the state and the Barona nation do a good job of maintaining it, especially the leg south of the casino. They just recently widened the southbound side and added more passing/turning lanes. there is one spot near the northern end where a creek will sometimes wash over the pavement when there are heavy rains, otherwise dust pile-ups are all you have to watch out for. and because it's a reservation, there's only 1 cop on the whole thing and i've never had a problem. i used to live at the northern end and rip my gsxr along WCR twice a day and never had a problem.

Tourism Opportunities

there's a casino in the middle of this 12 mile ride. there's gas stations at either end and one right where the casino driveway meets WCR. stop in for the buffet or some gambling, too!

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January 4, 2021
33 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
I happened upon this route after coming out of Highland Valley. It was late, there was a lot of traffic and I'm a beginner, so I ended up feeling a bit nervous on this one. Every few minutes going down hill, there would be a 15 MPH turn and I was feeling the pressure of the cars behind me. I'd recommend this ride during the day and I'd say it's more of an intermediate ride. Nothing really special about it, but I really enjoyed Highland Valley on my way through.
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