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By MikeTheTrike (78 McR Points) on Dec 26, 2019

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Written Directions

From the junction of CA 58 and CA 229 several miles east of Santa Margarita, proceed north to Creston.


This route is not so much about the scenery, which is nice enough. The main thing here is the road itself. Very nice quick twisties, especially in the 3 miles or so it takes (northbound) to reach the summit.

Drive Enjoyment

I look for every excuse I can to grab this little snake by its tail. The road condition is quite good, though not perfect. The northbound uphill is mostly barren so visibility is pretty good, though there are a few tight ones where you should be mindful of oncomings.

Tourism Opportunities

This is out in the middle of nowhere, so you won't find much to stop for. You'll be able to stop for a little refreshment in Creston, a quiet rustic wide spot.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review