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By John Ryan Hebert (5 McR Points) on Jun 19, 2016

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October 29, 2020
Not as popular as Mulholland, but this is much…

Written Directions

Start at Latigo Canyon road in Malibu. Head north up into the canyon. After approximately 10 miles, the road will end at Kanan Dume Road. Take a RIGHT. In about a half mile, turn LEFT onto Mulholland Dr. In just over 3 miles, turn LEFT onto Mulholland HWY. In 2 miles, keep RIGHT at the fork to continue on Mulholland Highway. In a half mile, turn RIGHT onto Little Sycamore Canyon Road. Follw this road 7.6 miles ( randomly turns into Yerba Buena Rd.) then turn RIGHT on to Cotharin. Cotharin turns into Pacific View, then Deer Creek rd over the course of 5 miles and dumps you out at Pacific Coast Highway. Turn RIGHT to return toward Malibu, turn LEFT to check out Point Mugu.


Excellent views of the mountains / ocean from Latigo. Spectacular mountain views throughout ending with a scenic descent to Pacific Coast Highway with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from high above before you.

Drive Enjoyment

The majority of the route is twisties and sweeping turns with elevation gains and a few blind turns. The vast majority of the road is in excellent condition, however there is a small, twisty stretch of Yerba Buena Rd that has a lot of fillings and bumps (no potholes). Take this section slowly. Also, be on the lookout for rocks and debris that may have fallen from the cliffs above, especially along Latigo Canyon Rd.

Tourism Opportunities

There are no gas stations or service stations along this route. Make sure to fill up at the gas station just before Latigo Canyon Rd prior to heading into the mountains.

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October 29, 2020
20 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport
Not as popular as Mulholland, but this is much more technical and amazing to ride.
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