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By ric cbr600rr (14 McR Points) on Sep 01, 2013

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September 8, 2014
This route is absolutely incredible. It darts…

Written Directions

Start: Willow Creek, CA. End: Mad River CAHead toward Bigfoot Scenic Hwy (CA-96) on CA-299. After 9.6 miles, turn left on Titlow Hill Road. Follow paved road for 65 miles until you reach Highway 36. If you wish to carry on to Mad River, turn right, and arrive in 5.6 miles. In the opposite direction Drive east on 36 from Mad River until you reach North Norse Road. Turn left, toward South Fork Mountain Road. Continue following paved roads until you reach Highway 299.


A wide variety of mountain scenery, ranging from woods, to outlooks over 10s of miles of valleys and mountains.

Drive Enjoyment

Very challenging! Very sharp corners, steep hills, a couple of oily sections, some gravel on the road surface, some potholes, and many hazards (deer, bison, trucks). Be aware!

Tourism Opportunities

Absolutely none!

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This is The Road Less Travelled! It shows up on AAA maps, but is a bugger to find on your GPS or Google/Yahoo Maps. It is a great technical road; not for the beginner, the faint of heart nor those looking for well maintained state highways. It is paved all the way, but narrows to one lane for parts. It is full of hazards, from pot holes, to deer and even a bison! There is one oily section, and you may encounter large trucks, so ride with care! That said, you will encounter a challenging, twisty road with spectacular scenery, and very light traffic. You are limited only by your skill and courage!

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September 8, 2014
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Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
This route is absolutely incredible. It darts through small portions of National Forest land amongst private and lumber land. The road surface has improved a little over the years but is still a bit rough in spots. The corners are sharp and the route has some very steep sections. There are incredible overlooks along the way.
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