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By chilidipper (7 McR Points) on Dec 07, 2017

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You pick up the San Gabriel Canyon Road (AKA CA Route 39) at the 210 freeway, few miles east of 605 freeway. The road takes you up in elevation thru Angeles National Forest. Road goes all the way up Crystal Lake. Note: the google map on this page shows the first 22 miles of the route. For some reason Google Maps would not draw the entire length of the route that goes until route 39 intersects route 2.


You'll travel through the San Gabriel Canyon and see the Morris Reservoir and it's dam. This road has vista spots that overlook SoCal and if it is clear, you can see the Pacific ocean.

Drive Enjoyment

Sweeping turns that allo w a rider to enjoy the scenery. There are some very technical spots that require heads down participation.

Tourism Opportunities

Gas up and bring water on this run as there are no services along the way.

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San Gabriel Canyon Road Hwy 39
San Gabriel Canyon Road Hwy 39
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