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By wall-e (10 McR Points) on Jul 08, 2014

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Written Directions

Old Julian Highway connects the towns Ramona and Julian in San Diego County, California. The portion of the road in this review is only a little over 6 miles long. I usually incorporate this portion into a ride on my way back to San Diego from Julian. The northern end on Old Julian Highway dead ends into CA-78 about 6 miles south of Santa Ysabel. The southern end of Old Julian Highway turns into 3rd Street in Ramona and also meets up with the CA-78


Along this route is mostly rural residential properties. There are many horse pastures and on some days, there are dozens of camels out in the last property before the northern end of OJH turns into the CA-78. I'd recommend going in the spring when everything is alive. In the summer it's all dust and dead grass.

Drive Enjoyment

Going north to south you start with some open Esses, then a hard left with no high-side guard for the steep drop off the outside of the turn (had a buddy high-side and go off the embankment. the sign says 25 mph. if it's your first time on this road, start your turn at 25!) then it chicanes right into a hard, full-lean decreasing radius, then another left and it's all open, well-banked S-curves until the last hard right in the low spot where the road goes over the creek. careful, if it's rained recently there WILL BE gravel or a wash-out.

Tourism Opportunities

At the south end is Ramona. Yes there is food and lodging and gas stations and the normal amenities, but it's no tourist spot. most of the shops in the town are antique dealers and old american-style fair restaurants. some chains have moved in recently, as well.

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This is a residential road, so there is often cars pulling on and off in blind corners. i've been harrassed by the owners of the property when i've stopped with a friend to practice the tight decreasing radius turn. i guess we were too loud.

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