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By Partners (47 McR Points) on Mar 08, 2015

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Written Directions

Starting from Kelso Depot, CA, go North on Kelbaker Rd, all the way to the park entrance just south of Baker, CA.


I did this segment after doing ketumr's segment as I was heading up to Death Valley. The road was in considerably better shape than Kelso Cima Rd (the original Mojave National Preserve Tour route). Nice straight roads with a few oft curves through the desert. Literally NO ONE around. There are some great views of the hills to the east, and a good ride for someone who wants to go somewhere with no people.

Drive Enjoyment

Not many potholes, but the road is eroded down to in a few places. As always keep your eyes out on these roads as they get windblown and sometimes have a little sand on them.

Tourism Opportunities

Nothing at all between Kelso Depot and Baker. Nothing at all...

No reviews added for this route. Write a review