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By RG92069 (5 McR Points) on Apr 27, 2016

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Written Directions

Starting n the north end Mesa Grande Rd starts off SR 76 and Center Loop Rd, near the Hideout Saloon. Traveling southbound Mesa Grande Rd climbs up a few switchbacks, then travels open fields, creek-side woodlands and part the Mesa GrandeReservation, and the south end of the ride descends into a long farm pasture before ending at SR 79 two miles north of Santa Ysabel.


While a short ride, Mesa Grande Rd contains all the elements of riding on a rural scenic California byway. It is like riding Carmel Valley Rd (Monterey County) but in 20 minutes instead of 90. The scenery seems close up, and is best enjoyed at touring speeds.

Drive Enjoyment

There are a fair amount of turns on this road and some are tight turns. The road is 2 lane paved asphalt and in good condition, with little traffic. For the Touring bike Mesa Grande Road is a scenic leisurely alternate around the intersection of SR's 76 & 79 east of Lake Henshaw. Having a good surface, Sport bikes can also enjoy it's curves.

Tourism Opportunities

No roadside amenities, but the Hideout Saloon is at the north end, and restaurants and shops two miles south in Santa Ysabel.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review