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started in Palm Springs, CA went east on I-10 to Joshua Tree National Park entrance. Rode through Joshua Tree National Park then head to Joshua Tree Saloon for some food. Then back to Palm Springs, CA via I-10.


The views along the roads are unique and the roads themselves are two-lane, weaving stretches of gently twisting pavement. It has wild landscape with bizarre trees and outrageous rock formations. It does get hot so it preferable to go in winter or early morning/late afternoon.

Drive Enjoyment

Roads through the park are great. Nice curves and twisties. Watch out for wildlife and gravel/sand on road. Pavement was good.

Tourism Opportunities

There are restrooms in the visitor centers and through out the park. Once you get through the park there are restaurants and gas stations. I.E Joshua Tree Saloon.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

bring extra water and plenty of sun screen.

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