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By riddmkidd (10 McR Points) on Oct 25, 2018

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Written Directions

on the north side of Petaluma - Pt Reyes rd is Hicks Valley Rd. Take Hicks from the T where it starts to Marshall - Petaluma Rd,also a T intersection. Turn Left on Marshall - Petaluma RD and follow the signs all the way to the tiny town of Marshall, CA, right on hwy 1 in Tomales Bay. It runs up the hills and along a ridgetop for much of the distance. Very few vehicles on this road. The road narrows a bit in places to a single lane but the pavement is good all the way.


The views from the ridge of m Marin county and Tomales Bay are stellar. Along the way is a good amount of redwoods and ranch land. You'll pass Straus Dairy farm if you're into milk and yogurt. Just south on hwy 1 is the Marshall Store for a break and Tony's Seafood for a serious meal. and Oysters. 4 miles south on 1 is Tomales Bay Oyster Co. for more oysters.

Drive Enjoyment

they may have repaved the road by now which means super smooth and glorious. Last ride I didn't find any potholes nor rough spots. I'm not a fan of goat trails that test the suspension. I do remember enjoying the road very much.

Tourism Opportunities

there is nothing on the road itself but it's surrounded by seafood restaurants and the Marin Cheese shop on Petaluma - Pt Reyes rd.

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