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By MCR Contributor (1039 McR Points) on May 17, 2011

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September 24, 2019
This is a little gem of a road - stunning view of…

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Start in Gazelle, off I-5, northern part of California. End in Callahan, CA. From there you can return, loop off to Ft. Jones and Yreka or head into the Trinitys.


From the little town of Gazelle to the smaller town of Callahan (pop = 50 and they're exaggerating). Beautiful views over pass yields to ranches in small valley!You could take a side trip to Kangaroo Lake. Crystal clear. But not good roads as they are washed out.

Drive Enjoyment

Two passes, twisty roads, when they say 10 mph turn, they mean it.

Tourism Opportunities

Rustic bar in Callahan across the street from dilapidated (but maybe being restored) hotel once at the Callahan Ranch Stage Station, 1852-1887. Good for drink and/or sandwiches.

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September 24, 2019
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This is a little gem of a road - stunning view of Mt. Shasta, lush ranch lands, some unique rock formations, nice elevation changes. A relaxed ride, with enough turns and twists to make it interesting. A good jumping off point for either 299, or the Hayfork Pass and Hwy 36.
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