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By ric cbr600rr (14 McR Points) on Sep 01, 2013

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Start: Julian CAEnd: Harrison Park, CA From Julian, ride west on CA 78 2. miles to Pine Hills Rd, Turn left on Pine Hills Rd. Ride about 1.5 miles and bear right on Eagle Peak Rd. Ride about 1.5 miles, and bear left on Boulder Creek Rd. Ride about 5 miles, and turn left on Engineers Rd. After about another 6 miles, you will tee into highway 79. From there you can go left (northeast to Harrison Park, CA.


Narrow, winding, hilly backcountry roads. Rural scenery, homes, farms, forests. No traffic.

Drive Enjoyment

This is a very narrow, rarely maintained rural road. A million slow to 10 corners. Pavement is OK, especially considering the low speed that one must ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Lots of nothing!

Motorcycle Road Additional info

A great ride to test your technical skills.

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