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By waterpanzer (5 McR Points) on Aug 14, 2018

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Written Directions

The best place to meet up is the corner of Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, there is a Starbucks, a Noah's Bagels, a Western Bagel and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. There's also a couple of gas stations as well. Starting out the drive, you head up Topanga Canyon Blvd. towards the mountains. The street is lined with little shops and houses. Your first turn is a sharp right onto Mulholland Dr. Half a mile down the road, you take a left onto Mulholland Hwy. About a mile down, you break out of suburbia and into the hills, unfortunately, another half mile down the road you hit houses again. They gradually get out of the houses again by the time you get to the first real turn in the highway. Driving through the hills, there will be a few sightings of the ocean through the passes, but mostly the views are that of an upland valley. 12.5 miles from the turn onto Mulholland Hwy, you can take a short divert to drive by Malibu Lake. To do this, you take a left on Lake Vista Dr. It merges back into Mullholland Hwy after the lake. Your next stop is at the Rock Store. You will know where it is when you see a bunch of motorcycles (if it's the weekend) or an old school gas pump on the left. After you have taken your break, hop back on and keep on going down the road (to your left). Your next obstacle is Kanan Dume Rd. It is a busy road with no signal and the cross traffic does not stop. You can shortcut your ride here by taking a right and taking Kanan back to the 101 Highway. To continue the ride, continue 6 miles down the Mulholland Highway and take a left turn onto Highway 23. 1.9 Miles down the road, you take a right to turn back onto the Mulholland Highway. The road starts heading downhill with a lot of twisties. At the bottom of the hill, 7.5 miles away, you hit the Pacific Coast Highway. Take a right to drive along the PCH and about 1.7 miles down the road, you hit the end of the route at Neptune's Net, which is on the right. From there, you can go North to Oxnard or drive South through Malibu.


The route starts out in suburbia and leads off into the mountains. The upland valleys get very pretty. There's a chance at a lakeside detour. The route ends in a tree-lined scrub valley that opens up to the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean.

Drive Enjoyment

The pavement is a SoCal special, a lot of cracks and tar-snakes. Also, watch out for loose gravel and sand. The last half of the trip is all twisties.

Tourism Opportunities

At the beginning of the trip there's a bunch of amenities, Not so much during the ride. Make sure you have a full tank before you set off. There's a number of little restaurants and even some tasting rooms during the first half of the ride. The second is sparse, but ends at a restaurant.

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