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By Heater (5 McR Points) on Dec 31, 2016

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Boots And Jeans Riders
47 McR Points
October 13, 2020
While returning home from a cross country…

Written Directions

Road starts in Crestline CA. From there, take CA138 down to the Silverwood Lake scenic turnout.


This route winds though the San Bernadino Forest and has short scrub trees, steep hills and normal high

Drive Enjoyment

This is a very twisty road with high elevation changes. It is well suited to sport bikes and supermotos but would still be a fun, if slow, ride on a cruiser. If you are at all uncomfortable with uphill or downhill corners I would consider not taking this route. There are a few pull offs, but they are on steep hills and not friendly towards bike parking. Pavement quality isn't the smoothest but it's still very rideable. The best way to do this road is go from Crestline down to Silverwood lake pull out and then turn around and go back up.

Tourism Opportunities

Crestline has some services such as gas and a restaurant or two but it's really a non issue since San Bernadino is just down the other side of the hill.

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Boots And Jeans Riders
October 13, 2020
47 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
While returning home from a cross country BikeCation. We turned onto 138 and rode it onto 18 and into San Bernardino. Trying to get around an accident on I-15, we decided to take 138 and what a joy! It has many twist and turns and the views are fantastic as you ride past Silverwood Lake. This road can be very challenging if you are a new rider, But for those experience riders looking for a great ride with scenery, this is for you. Once you get on to hwy 18, you will be treated with great scenery of the twisted road to come. Filled with excitement, we continued on into the city of San Bernardino for our overnight stay. The next day we continued westbound, completing out Route 66 road trip.
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