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By Magic Gini (5 McR Points) on Feb 08, 2013

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Its S Burson Rd. Off of Hwy 12Located in Burson, CA 95252 Road is 5.7mi of very windy road in the middle of nowhere, completely open and can see for a half mile past each corner so you know where other vehicles are at all times.


scenery is great during the end of winter but before summer, all the grass is green and stretches for miles and miles. in the summer it turns a gold color, like many of the California hills.

Drive Enjoyment

pavement quality is surprisingly good, very few potholes, i can recall one, MAYBE two in the whole road. The road is almost all curves and twists the entire 6 miles. very open unlike mountain road so you will never come up on another driver unexpectedly, but slow drivers will piss you off, this road is definitely a fun road not just cruise and look at the trees road.

Tourism Opportunities

its just a back road plain and simple

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