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By jcomaha (37 McR Points) on Sep 10, 2013

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November 12, 2017
There's not too much to say that the author didn'…

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Hwy 9 from Hwy 5 junction in south near Hot Springs to Perryville at junction of Hwy 60 and 9. We call it Toad Suck Run cause it was the road we took to get Toad Suck (from Wikipedia: "Toad Suck is an unincorporated community in Perry County, Arkansas, United States. It is the location of (or is the nearest community to) Bigelow Rosenwald School, which is located at the junction of Arkansas Highway 60 and Bethel AME Road and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[2] The city was voted number one on the "most embarrassing or unfortunate US Town or Place Names" poll by findmypast.com.[3]" Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toad_Suck,_Arkansas


This route is a good road in that the scenery provides lots of forests with hills and curves, and is a logging road for local loggers. Used often by bicycle tours so the terrain is not too difficult or curvy, but enough to be fun and relaxing.

Drive Enjoyment

This road is a nice relaxing ride with good quality of pavement. Much of the road looks like a tan colored asphalt and not too bumpy.

Tourism Opportunities

There are small towns with small stores with as and food or drink. My favorite was a hold in the wall called Williams Junction where they have an old Coca Cola cold box and am old fashioned meat slicer where they can cut you a hunk of bologna and cheese fir a sandwich.

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November 12, 2017
160 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport
There's not too much to say that the author didn't warn you about. The road is great, and the road is fun, but you get stuck behind one of these trucks, and it can be a real buzzkill. I wound up riding through a heavy storm, and there are a few spots where mud will run across the road, so ride accordingly.
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