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By ozarkdiver (70 McR Points) on Apr 14, 2019

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Written Directions

The route begins in Huntsville, AR and follows Route 23 through Eureka Springs, AR (25 miles). This route, in a way, is the "Northern Ancestor" of the world famous Arkansas Pig Trail as it in on the same Route 23 that the Pig Trail follows about 30 miles to the south.


A beautiful mountain road passing through parts of the Ozark National Forest. You'll go past Withrow Springs State Park just north of Huntsville, then through Historic Eureka Springs. From this point you can continue north as described on another motorcycle ride on McR here: https://www.motorcycleroads.com/motorcycle-roads/missouri/missouri-route-86-ride-the-eagle

Drive Enjoyment

The road is a mixture of sweepers and twisties, and the asphalt is in great shape. While not overly technical, the radius of the curves is perfect for maintaining speed through the sweepers, making this a great route for big cruisers and crotch rockets alike.

Tourism Opportunities

Gas/food/lodging is available in both Huntsville and Eureka Springs.

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