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By Gorilla Grunts (103 McR Points) on May 03, 2018

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Written Directions

Take state highway 252 East from where it intersects state highway 71 in the community of Dayton. Follow 252 for 13 miles until you reach where it meets state highway 10 in the Washburn community.


Beautiful view of the Ouachita Mountains along this ride. Nice open fields mixed with some forest gives you a great view of the mountains and valleys.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is in decent condition. There are no washouts or ruts to slow you down. Get ready for multiple 90 degree turns to go along with the sweepers. You're not climbing a mountain on this ride but there are some good elevation changes with the rolling hills.

Tourism Opportunities

Once you get started on this road, you're on your own. However, when you reach Hwy 10 you can head East for a few miles and visit Booneville for some great BBQ.

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