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By JonBean216 (5 McR Points) on Aug 19, 2013

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On HWY 89 in Flagstaff, Arizona (about 16 miles north of I-40) go west on Loop Road. You drive another 4 miles to get to the national park gate.


Beautiful mountains and dense forest. Then you get to see a volcano with hardened molten around the road. Then you drive through a few plains to get to a red rock like scenery that is just great to ride through.

Drive Enjoyment

Very great Road Quality and it starts off great with twisties turn then straight for about 6 mile with a few turns. Then you ride through some small mountains. After about 20 mile you get to ride through amazing red rock with beautiful roads.

Tourism Opportunities

Their is many tourist attractions like the adobes left by Indians about 800 years ago but no gas stops or buildings because it is a national park

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