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  The following description was contributed by MotorcycleRoads.com user: GJRonK. Of course you've seen the signs asking, "Where the heck is Wall Drug?" at someplace around the country. Well, it's still where it has been for over eighty years. It has changed, however. When Ted and Dorothy Hustead moved to Wall in 1931, the 326 townsfolk were suffering from drought and depression and they weren't able to give much business to the new drug store owners. The Husteads watched travelers pass by and thought maybe offering free ice cold water would bring folks in and maybe they would even buy something. It sure worked. These days, literally thousands of travelers stop in for their free ice water and Wall Drug has plenty of stuff to sell. There's free parking around town, and multitudes of shops are offering most any souvenir you could want, plus various restaurants along with regular large town businesses. They have hundreds of displays inside the main store and some mild adventurous activities in the building behind. Some items are a little hokey, but some are first class. The displays of artwork around the walls of the cafes is extraordinary and there are original art pieces offered for sale in some of the shops. Everywhere are displays with themes of animals, western activity, thousands of old photos, 8' wooden carvings, or historical pieces. There is even a mid-1930s themed soda fountain serving homemade ice cream. There are several cafes. Each one is slightly different, but has artwork over solid wood paneling or on display on dividing walls. Most of the dozens of small shops specialize in just a few types of touristy items each. In addition to the cars, there are quite a few bikers that come by. Some are just visiting the town, but many enjoy the 60 mile loop around Badlands National Park. That road is both scenic and good riding, although there are lots of tourists. Time you could spend in the store: one half day-max. Time you could spend in the Badlands riding around and stopping at viewpoints: one half day.

  Wall Drug Store, Main Street, Wall, SD

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