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  From the official motorcycle place website: "The Blue Ridge Campground came about as a result of two people being in the right place at the right time in their lives. An early retirement from their 15 year business left them wanting a change in their lives. Little did they realize how big a change they were headed for. The spring of '83 found them back into motorcycling, a pleasure they had not had time for in years. Next thing they knew they had been talked into a camping trip coming to North Carolina. They found themselves at awe with the beauty surrounding them, at every turn, over every mountain. The feeling of wanting to be part of this new found experience was overwhelming. This, they felt indeed was Motorcycle Heaven. About a week into their trip the idea of the campground arose, a retreat exclusively for motorcyclists. They made this decision from past experiences and conversations with fellow motorcyclists expressing their displeasure at being turned away from lodging and camping because they chose to travel and enjoy our country by motorcycle. Their quest for an ideal location found them away from the hub of tourist activity, yet close enough to venture out in many directions to enjoy. They found this little piece of heaven six miles north of the Blue Ridge Parkway on US Hwy-276 alongside the Pigeon River in Cruso, NC. Camping opened in the Spring of '84. Cabins were added '85-'87. The Pavilion is host to Dee's Kitchen known for its down-home cookin. They have pride in the facilities that they designed and built for your motorcycling enjoyment. Whether your stay is one night or many, they know the relaxed atmosphere and pleasant surroundings will make this a place you want to return to often."

  59 Motorcycle Drive, Canton, NC

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