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  From the official motorcycle place website: "Sopiago Springs Resort is a family oriented private campground. Although we allow non-motorcyclists to enjoy our camping amenities, Sopiago exists primarily for motorcycle camping, and motorcycle activities. Private parties can rent the Sopiago Venue for other types of events, as long as they are "appropriate" for the facility. This includes being respectful of the pristine nature of Sopiago, which is getting harder and harder to find, due to large parcels of land being sub-divided for intense profits. Also, camping at Sopiago is unique because we basically own an entire forested valley which has been tiered into unique camping and riding areas. Considering that it is a valley, we have many level ares for camping and any kind of fun event. Due to Sopiago being primarily for motorcyclists, we charge for camping based upon the individual. Most campgrounds charge per campsite instead, due their large volume of car and RV campers. Since this pricing structue would be unfair to the lone rider, or a rider with a passenger, we charge per person. Kids (3-9 years old) are charged at half the normal cost. We have camping space for tents, "Toy Haulers", and any big rig you can legally drive on the road. Our entire facility is 150 acres, so we have plenty of room for whatever you bring. So bring it on!"

  Pioneer, CA

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