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  Before applying for membership an applicant must read “who we are,” and agree to our philosophy. We are “who we are” and nothing else. Be aware of who and what you are joining as we expect respect, always, no exceptions.To become a member one must purchase a club colors for coat or jean vest. Any purchase will entitle you to full membership in the club and all membership entitlements.The Untamed Dead was started in 1967 in Central Pennsylvania by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. As a club being in only one location it had rules of membership and a hierarchy. Over the years many of the men have died or were lost along the road. There are a few of us “Originals” still left and in 2012 it was decided and approved by our “Original” and only president to open membership to any and all motorcycle enthusiasts world wide. With the club numbers diminishing and the remaining members aging we felt putting the membership and colors on our site would bring us new Brothers throughout the world. It was decided that we would not set up chapters or territories on the colors as The Untamed Dead are Everywhere or as we listed Nowhere.In the 60’s we were tested in the streets, the ring and at war (Vietnam) and have left those days behind us to just enjoy the camaraderie and the love of motorcycles with all Brothers of any colors out there. Keeping the Dead alive and functioning in the modern age required new thinking, many of the old “Original” Brothers would be lost in today’s computer world. Now we can be Everywhere and Nowhere as The Untamed Dead live on thru it’s “Original” Brothers and our new World Wide open Brotherhood.Join us as one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in America and now the world!Email us at Members@UntamedDead.com for details.


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