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  The Rolling Jokers Motorcycle Riders Group of SC is a rider friendly group and if you have bike and like to ride then join us. Our riders group is for those who like to ride without the commitment of any mandatory meetings for membership. It's for riders who want to make new friends for the road, and new friends in general. To maintain your membership we do ask that you make one ride or event every 45 days of joining. After all why join if you don't want to ride? Riders wanted who enjoy the casual day ride where you meet and go where the road takes you. Other times we take planned trips now and then to a biker event, lake rides, mountain rides, country rides, hanging out with friends , riding out to eat at a your favorite restaurant ,or just cruising around, it's all good! We have a riders group of people who are hassle and drama free. We want people who are fun, and like to have fun, but have class. People who remember to respect other members and those around you. Always try to ride safe and help the others in the group when in need on the road. Membership is open to couples, females, males, and backseat riders. People with heart, character, and personality are welcome to join us. Bikers come in all shapes and sizes and we welcome all. Not everyone is everyone else's eye candy that's what makes the world go round. No mandatory meetings but you must own a bike to join unless you are a backseat. No drugs or Drunks. Any member can suggest a ride and event to be posted on the events list and we will be glad to post it for you with the details you have. Any member can post on the bulletin board, this is up to you to do. Any member can contact any other member by member email. All Responsible Adult Riders over 21 are invited to join. No crotch Rockets or Dirt Bikes. What we are not: We are not a Motorcycle Club. Motor Cycle Clubs have stringent rules and regulations to join. We are a Riders GROUP, a loose affiliation of a group of people with similar likes. Nothing more, just people who like to get together and ride WE DO NOT HAVE COLORS - Colors are earned by a MC member. We do not have a patch - A patch is bought by a RC member, not earned. We are not an RC. We do not have an upper or lower rocker with territory markings. We are not 1%. If you join fill out you must fill out your profile, what you ride and a name, cell number, email address and area you are from or what you want to be called and a little about you.

  Newberry, Chapin, Lexington, Columbia, surrounding area

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