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  The Rolling Jokers Motorcycle Riders Group The Rolling Jokers is open to responsible Motorcycle drivers over 21 male or female and their passenger. If you want to make new friends that like to ride then we are the group for you!!! We enjoy short local rides for dinner, trips to the mountains or weekend biker events. We just like to ride! We ride, not bar hop and are just good family oriented down to earth people. Most of the members express Faith in God, but we are non denominational and do not push any agenda. Your personal beliefs are your own. You are required to make one ride/event, provide a valid email address and cell number before being accepted as a member. No Dues - No mandatory meetings-no commitments. You will be removed if inactive over 90 days. You may rejoin after making one event/ride. Any member can suggest a ride and event to be posted on the events list and we will be glad to post it for you with the details you have. WE ARE NOT AN MC OR 1%

  Columbia SC area

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