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  Rogue Riders, simply put, is an association of motorcycle riders formally called I Ride Rogue - Just a group of guys who love to ride. It was founded in 2010 by John Fairrington, a local ride enthusiast. John has traveled just about every good bike road in the Pacific Northwest along with tours to Jasper, British Columbia and over 5 tours that include trips through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. We attempt to do frequent local rides and do one or two epic events every year. We support several of the riding groups in the Rogue Valley and encourage involvement with your local clubs. It has become evident over the years that, no matter what club you're associated with, Saturday rolls around and so do club meetings - right when you want to be riding! That's why we simply want to get together ride when it's prime to do it. No matter what you ride or where you're from - you are invited to ride along. If you would like to belong to this group of riders, Have great information on annual rides that are laid out for you in printable formats or, would like to have video and photo documentation of the rides you do with us - Sign up Today! Stay in the loop and sign up on the "Contact me when you ride" page, fill out the contact form and we will notify you every time we ride. If you don't like being encumbered with all of the club rhetoric when you could be riding, we'll see ya out there!

  Medford, OR

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