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  Out Riders Women's Motorcycle Club is for members of the LGBTQA community who love to ride motorcycles in and around Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. We are dedicated to good times and fun rides! In order to join, you must have a motorcycle (minimum 250cc) or be a spouse/SO of an active member. ?" We participate in a charity event each year, which is voted on by the group. Check out our Events page for more information on ?"past and future events. Members are expected to attend a minimum of four functions annually. Our dues, which are collected once a year, are $25.00. This usually helps to pay for Pride registration and other cost. Please email us at outriderswmc@gmail.com for more information.?" We consist of a 5 member executive board and currently have over 40 members. Since establishment in February 2014, our numbers have continued to grow. We have bylaws that we expect all members to follow but there is nothing too hard about them. Mostly, come to events, have a working 250cc or larger motorcycle and valid license, and be nice and have fun. We organize rides to Skyline drive, Gettysburg, over the Bay bridge and other locations in and around the VA/MD/DC area. We encourage all members to suggest new rides. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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