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  Harley Davidson

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  Steel Brotherhood is open to male motorcycle enthusiasts at least 21 years old, who ride a v-twin or touring motorcycle and wants to be a part of a true brotherhood. Our loyalty lies within this club and clubs that we support only. We ride, and we ride a lot. We expect members to participate in our events, unless of course work or sickness get in the way. We have 1 mandatory ride per month The rest is open riding, and a chance to get to know each other. We have dues, we have colors, we have parties. We do not tolerate drugs, or idiots on 2 wheels. Who We Are: We are just that, a "brotherhood." It is a way of life. If you are ex-military, you know what I mean. We live by 3 words, Love, Loyalty & Respect. We look to build lasting and fulfilling relationships with our members. We enjoy riding the roads of Georgia and other places of interest, making stops for good food and cold beer. Also, we will be attending such events as rallies, bike shows, and swap meets while having as much fun as possible in the process. Our club also likes to show its support to its community, to other organizations, charities and benefits. By doing this, we hope to help those in need while riding together as one brotherhood in the process. Bound by the Virtues of, Love Loyalty and Respect! The True Warrior fights, not because he hates the one in front of him, but because he loves those behind him. The loyalty of brotherhood is the greatest strength of any club or friendship, and the club loyalties ALWAYS come first. RESPECT IS EARNED, LOYALTY IS RETURNED. WE ARE A PATCHED GA MC We will protect and defend our colors against any that come against us!

  Cumming, GA, United States

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