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  The Folsom Freedom Riders is being developed as a choice club for individuals looking for a close brotherhood and family to ride and cruise with under one roof. This is NOT a 1% MC, Gang or Motorcycle Club. We have zero affiliations to any existing MCs and do not rally around the fact that many of our members ride iron horses. We welcome all bikes and are encouraged to ride regardless of origin. With being part of California's Corrections and Rehabilitation, I encourage all Peace officers and veterans to join as well. So come on out, ride, cruise and be apart of a the family. Hopefully we'll gain enough members, were we can host BBQs, Poker events, Fund Raisers. All Bikes Welcome Open to all ages. This is not a club. Great Way to Meet New People So go ahead and Introduce yourself by leaving a post, or just come out on a ride. We try to schedule rides just about every weekend, so there should be plenty of different types of rides to choose from. Also suggestions are always welcome. You'll find a lot of different types of motorcycles in our club, and riders with different experience and skill levels, but we all share a similar passion, to get out on our bikes and explore the country. If you haven't checked out the entire Meetup Site yet and spend some time browsing the site. Were not a club, so there's no monthly dues, or fees, Were just simply here to all enjoy getting together and ride. Hope to see you on a ride soon. Trev

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  Folsom, CA, United States

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  Trevor Hanes



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