Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Facts Every Rider Should Know

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The Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Facts That Every Rider Should Know

As everyone knows, riding a motorcycle brings with it risks that are unique to this popular hobby.  We've all heard stories of motorcycle accidents that have left riders injured or worse.  As a rider with over 30 years of motorcycle riding experience, I have had my share of close calls and have laid a motorcycle down a time or two but never have I been in a serious accident.  I can't tell for sure if that should be attributed to strong driving skills, good instincts, relatively safe driving habits, luck, or simply divine providence ... but what I do know for sure is it never hurts to "hit the reset button on your safe motorcycle riding habits" every once in a while and so this guide will help all of you do that.  Its made to be not only informative but enjoyable to read as it presents safety topics in a interesting and visually enjoyable infographic style approach.  I hope you like it, I hope you learn something new, but most of all, I hope it helps a few of you riders gain some knowledge & promote some thinking that just may help keep you a little safer out there.  Enjoy and as always - ride safe!!!  

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