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(Updated 2023.06.09)


  • We respect your privacy. We won’t use your E-mail ID and name other than sending you information about your account status (e.g., if your account has an issue with its password), sending you information about a motorcycle road/club/event/place you contributed (e.g., an email telling you that your new route has been posted), or sending your our eNewsletter (if you subscribed and keep in mind, our eNewsletter has always included a link for opting out at any time).
  • We won’t share your personal data such as your E-mail ID or name with any third party which is not related with (e.g., if/when creates a mobile app in the future).
  • How can users request data deletion? If you ever want your information removed, please contact me by using the "Feedback" form on the website (see instructions for how to access "Feedback" on both the desktop version and mobile version below), and I will remove your data and send you a confirmation (if you provide your email address to me in the form).
  • We display some paid advertisement on the website, which may lead you to some external website.  We are not responsible for the content of the external website or their policies.  Note: Google, and any other third-party advertisers, may use digital “cookies” to determine targeted advertisements based on your preferences and your visit to our site and other sites on the internet. You can choose to opt out of any of those third party advertisers’ use of cookies by following their “opt out” procedure(s) (e.g., Google’s “opt out” procedures can be found here at the Google use of cookies info page).
  • The only other policy I have for you to check out is the terms & conditions policy.
  • But, if you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact, me, the website founder, editor, website fixer, website breaker, customer service department, complaint responder (aka apology generation department), bill payer, donation beggar, and legal department (aka a guy with a full-time day job & a family who gets email notices all the time from huge corporations telling me about things about the website I need to fix or change that I don’t understand nor can make enough money from the site to get legal assistance to figure any of this out and like so many small businesses like mine trying to offer a good clean free web-service while trying to keep our heads above water until ….. gulp .. cough … spit …. ‘help!!!’ ….. gulp ………..) … yeah, contact me by clicking on the “Feedback” button on the desktop version (first image below) of the site and under the options menu in the upper right on the mobile version (second image below) … which I had to pay good money to implement on the site because of all the spam & hacking attempts I got when I simply listed my email address on the site (…. No, nope, I’m NOT bitter or anything!!!). 
  • Added 2023-06-08: "This website uses Adnimation to manage its programmatic ad sales, which may include the use of first and third-party cookies to collect non-sensitive, anonymized data for ad targeting purposes. Users can opt-out of personalized advertising by adjusting browser settings. You can review Adnimation's cookie and privacy policy here."

Feedback button location on desktop version


               Feedback button location on mobile version