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By Akumu (3916 McR Points) on Dec 27, 2013

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December 29, 2013
Southwest PA is not especially known for it's…

Written Directions

Taking this road from Waynesburg, PA means heading out of Waynes on 21 West, making a right onto 18 North, taking 18 North to 231 North. Taking this road south means getting to Avella, PA which is on Route 50 near the Ohio border. From there take 231 south. Of course, it is always possible to pick 231 up on 331, 40 or I-70, but Avella gives you the full experience straight south.


Just like it's sister road 221, 231 has your typical farmland with hills sights. Nothing boring, exactly, as some of the road has no guard rail and I pity the fool that end up over a big hill from missing a turn, but the views aren't breath taking, either. A bit above average for this area of PA.

Drive Enjoyment

More so than 221, 231 likes to be traveled by big dump trucks that leak some stones or drag stones off of their Marcellus Shale sites onto the road. It doesn't make the road treacherous, by any means, but you will want to pay attention. The pavement it's self is sort of a patchwork job with some pot holes, it could be better...but it could be worse.

Tourism Opportunities

None on the road. Get your gas and food at one of the destinations or while passing US 40 or I-70. I know of no landmarks.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This road makes a great loop with Route 221, but the loop I use is a lot bigger than the one listed on this site. I take the whole of 221 and 231 using 331 and 18 as a connector, this gives you the whole experience. Nice decent sprint that loop is.

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December 29, 2013
3916 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
Southwest PA is not especially known for it's twisties, but rather it's access to twisties. However, when the weather is cold out I don't want to ride my typical 450 miles loops so I stay closer to home with routes like this, 221, 130 and such. All solid rides that aren't especially challenging, but good enough to keep you entertained until the weather warms up and allows you to expand your mileage. (Or perhaps time is an issue and you want to stay closer to home for that sake.) Regardless, this is a solid road, never really boring, but not exactly challenging either. The stereotypical cruiser ride would like this road.
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