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By Marvelicious (10 McR Points) on Aug 18, 2020

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September 6, 2020
This is a great road for sport bikes or anyone…

Written Directions

This section of Highway 47 starts in Clatskanie Oregon. The turn-off from Highway 30 is just west of the Safeway store and climbs a short hill, rounds a couple of turns and leaves city limits. From here, the road climbs through curves for the next 8 miles, then down through even tighter curves for most of the next 4 miles, ending in a small settlement known as Mist, where Highway 47 intersects with Highway 202


Traveling this route northbound (toward Clatskanie), just past the summit there are some excellent views over the Columbia River valley below. The area is predominately commercial tree farms, so you will see mostly stands of Douglas fir in various states from clear cut to mature.

Drive Enjoyment

This is an all you can eat eat buffet of corners, from sweepers to twisties. Be aware that this is a "working" road... It sees significant log-truck traffic, so at any point you may find yourself sharing the road and possibly some of your lane. Also, with the log-trucks, comes bark and gravel occasionally strewn on the road, especially in corners. The road surface is decent as of this review, but potholes develop here and there over the winter. If it weren't for those issues, this would be 5 stars all the way. Also worth note is that many of the corners border drop-offs of the "time to call in the insurance claim before you hit" variety. Stay within your limits and this road is an absolute blast.

Tourism Opportunities

Not much on this section, tourism-wise. Clatskanie is a small town with general amenities (gas, food, lodging). Fultano's Pizza is a solid choice for a decent pizza and a few revolving microbrew taps. There is a major logging road intersection at the summit of the hill with plenty of room to pull off and currently the trees are small enough to provide good views from here. Mist at the other end has no active businesses to speak of. There are things to see on other routes in the area, but this is mostly just a good stretch of road.

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September 6, 2020
4 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
This is a great road for sport bikes or anyone that wants to sharpen their cornering skills. I was up there in July 2020 and the pavement was in good shape. Word of advice: don't ride this road on a weekday. If you can, go early on a weekend day. After you pass through Mist, there is still some very nice riding over to Vernonia where you can get some lunch and a craft beer in the outdoor courtyard of the Black Iron Grill.
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