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By hrntazz (5 McR Points) on Jan 31, 2015

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Written Directions

Off of US 12, 2 miles east of union, turn left on Birch Road and it takes you north through trees and some sharp 90 turns through mill ponds and creeks anlong the way about 3 miles of farm land lined with pine trees till you get to birch lake then it winds around the lake and will dead end into harvey street turn right on harvey street and it will take you to M40 another beutiful Michigan highway


Mill ponds,Creek Birch Lake hills,woods,

Drive Enjoyment

it is all good roads till you hit Harvey Street then you have some uneven pavement and patches, and it is all curves twists,and sharp turns

Tourism Opportunities

along this route there is nothing but beauty no gas no stores just freindly people

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