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By Guest (0 McR Points) on Apr 30, 2006

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September 22, 2010
You picked a good route.. I haven ridden/rated…

Written Directions

Start the ride in Madisonville, LA. and head west on Hwy 22 for about 10 miles. Then, turn north on Hwy 445 towards Robert ... stay on Hwy 22 for about 25 miles at which point it will dead end into Hwy 16. Now take a left (west) on Hwy 16 and take it through Amite (remember the river) and pass up I-55 and continue to Montpelier , LA at which point you will find Hwy 43 and want to take that north. Now take Hwy 43 about 23 miles north and you will cross into Mississippi. Hwy 43 will now change names into Mississippi route 568 and travel a few miles where you will come to the intersection of rt 568 and 584. At this point take a left on to 584 (head north) and head for Liberty, MS. At Liberty, MS turn west on Hwy 24 for a very short trip and you will come upon Hwy 567 ... take Hwy 567 north (take a right). Take 567 about 17 miles and you will come to Hwy 98 which you will then want to take west (left) for another 10 miles to your routes end point of Bude, MS. Take your time it is not a race.


Country; Rolling Hills; Forest; swamp/wetlands. You will be following the Amite River for a good portion and crossing back and forth over the river and hill/valley's that govern it's course. Scenery is in constant flux from open fields to canopy forest. You will be passing through the Homochitto National Forest so just look around. .

Drive Enjoyment

This route has some of everything; Just when you are tried of straight and flat it gets hilly and twisty. Only the last mile of Hwy 567 appears to be someone's drive way. Slow down here and check out the wild flowers. The rest of the route is good to great.

Tourism Opportunities

Not too many places to stop because the shoulders can be narrow and the banks steep and deep. The trip ends when you reach the end of 98 in Bude. Straight across the intersection is the "Gas Lane" and it is here that you will find the route's namesake - fried liversGizzards! Enjoy. Liberty, MS is about 90 miles into the trip and a great place to stop and refuel both the bike and rider. At the intersection of 584 and 24 is a Chevron station that is worth the stop. Food is available and the place is usually clean.

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- View the weather forecast for this area from Yahoo weather . - Louisiana Tourism

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September 22, 2010
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Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
You picked a good route.. I haven ridden/rated roads in these areas for years.. Hwy 445 north has a really nice strech between where Hwy 40 intersects and Hwy 16. Heading north on Hwy 43 at Montpelier is a decent ride but I would suggest taking Hwy 441 north just east of Montpelier all the way to Hwy 584 at Gillsberg, Ms Consider taking Yap Road SE if your heading back south from Bude.. You take a right off of Hwy 98 south as you are leaving Bude.. this turns into Gloster Rd/Oxford-Meadville Rd/Busy Corner Rd which ends up in Gloster, Ms
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