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By MCR Contributor (1039 McR Points) on May 22, 2011

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May 31, 2020
The Copperhead Trail is scenic and curvy. There…

Written Directions

From I-75 Exit 11 go west on Highway 92. Pass up Walmart on the left and Riverside Church of God on the left as well. Turn right on 296, and go to the top of the hill. Turn onto 204/Redbird Rd. and stay on that road. At Red Bird Bridge get on 478. DO NOT turn right at Red Bird Bridge. You're now on Williamsburg Street, and it goes through the Daniel Boone National Forest until you hot Highway 27. Turn right onto Highway 27. Go through Whitley City. Now there are three different ways you can shoot back east to Williamsburg and get onto Hwy 90 (Cumberland Falls Rd). You can turn right on SR700/Sand Hill Rd, SR1045 Buleah Hgts. Rd., or just get on Hwy 90 at that junction. All of those roads lead back to Hwy 90 that goes by Cumberland Falls. Follow Hwy 90 to 25W, and go south back to Williamsburg. Stay on 25W through Williamsburg until you come to the SECOND junction of 92. (If you turn left at the red light toward Middlesboro/Pineville you are going away from your start point.) Turn right at the second red light, and you're back at your starting point.


Welcome to a trip through the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest! Scenery is 5 stars!

Drive Enjoyment

Loads and loads of twists and turns. Big hard-to-handle bikes may not like this route. It's not a long ride at all, a couple of hours if you don't stop at the sights. Just watch out for those red-neck driven pick-up trucks on the wrong side of the curves, but I guess you already know that. Happy Riding!

Tourism Opportunities

There is walking bridge across a creek on the side of the road (right if you're traveling west, left if you're coming from the east), and if you've not seen Cumberland Falls yet, it's well worth a look-see.

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May 31, 2020
5 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Adventure Touring
The Copperhead Trail is scenic and curvy. There were quite a few Tarapin turtles crossing the road the day I went. It was a little wet. Steep drop offs on both sides. Tight turns not always marked.
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