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By captain randy (12 McR Points) on Sep 06, 2016

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May 30, 2019
This route is wonderful. Like the original…

Written Directions

If you travel north approximately 4 miles from Falmouth, KY on US 27 you will find W Highway 22. Start you route here and travel west from Falmouth, KY ton W Highway 22 and ends in Williamstown, KY.


Rolling hills, and open farm country of corn, soybeans and tobacco. The route follows the top of a ridge line most of the way so you get some good views. But don't take your eyes off the road too long, many twisty turns. Overall this route is a road to "ride". Not much time for scenery as you will be busy making turns and up and down hills. If you like twists, this one is for you.

Drive Enjoyment

Road surface is very good for the majority of the time. There are occasional rough patches, and depending on the time of the year there will be farm equipment using the road. The speed limit is 55 but you will be hard pressed to maintain that speed due to the amount of turns.

Tourism Opportunities

There are a couple of filling stations along the way, and in the small towns there are some local eating establishments. It is a good picture of central, rural Kentucky.

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May 30, 2019
4 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
This route is wonderful. Like the original poster said, the road winds on top of ridge line for much of the way. The views are just beautiful, as you can see deep into the valleys. If you're coming from Falmouth, watch for the hairpin to the left about two miles in. It's the intersection with Straight Shoot Rd. It's well marked with a sign (15 mph turn), but it can be confusing, and I've seen an inexperienced rider total a Harley there.
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