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By rideiteverywhere (10 McR Points) on Dec 16, 2018

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Written Directions

From Williams, CA go west on Hwy 20 for a few miles 'til it bends SW; at the bend, stay straight onto King Rd. At the next tee, turn right onto Leesville Rd where you start your route.


Far views into Sacramento Valley and beyond, farms and remote ranches. Beautiful valleys. No amenities except for closer to Hwy 5, unless you go farther north to Stonyford. Don't miss the art at Lodoga. Be sure to stop at the Windy Point viewpoint. Passing through the farm/burg of Leesville, dual-sporters can go south on graveled Bear Valley Rd. and return to Williams on Hwy 20, or macadam bikes can go north to Lodoga, north and east to Sites, then south back to Williams by a number of ways. Do the ride in the Spring, when it's green and cool. I don't think there's a better 10 mi of motorcycle grade in America.

Drive Enjoyment

Ride through very enjoyable valleys and farmland, then start up the newly paved (why?) super-winding grade. The roads are always interesting. Even graveled Bear Valley Rd. is kept in good condition (one might want to stop at the hot springs resort of Wilbur Springs). Leesvile Grade is newly repaved and perfect.

Tourism Opportunities

Not really any markets along the route, unless you go farther north to Stonyford. I don't remember gasoline anywhere.

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