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By Wyatt Jamison (10 McR Points) on Aug 20, 2020

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Written Directions

The route starts at the northeast corner of Boone. Take Boone county highway R21 north from 22nd street. Follow R21 through Ridgeport and into Webster county. Follow the tight left turn onto Webster county highway D64. From there, follow the road about 5 more miles to state highway 175. Go straight at the intersection and follow the highway into Stratford. Pass the gas station in Stratford and turn left on Webster county highway R21 north. Follow signs to Brushy Creek State Recreation Area. Follow the twisty road through the park and across the dam. Once through the park, turn left and head back south on Union Ave, highway P73. Turn right on 290th street. Right on Samson Ave on the east end of Lehigh. Follow the paved highway through Evanston and west into Coalville. No need to merge onto US 20. Watch out for the State Patrol office near the interchange in Coalville. Turn left on P59 in Coalville. Turn left on highway D33 south of Coalville, following signs to Dolliver State Park. Ride through the park, stop for a hike, take pictures, watch for deer on blind curves through the park. Left on 290th street, ride into Lehigh. Left on highway D46/P73 follow south dragoon trail signs. Right on highway D54/P73, ride into Dayton. Right on 5th Ave, left on Main St. Follow Highway 175 south of Dayton, then right on P70 heading south to Pilot Mound. Left on highway E26 just past Don Williams Recreation Area. Follow E26 into Boone. The 85-mile loop is complete.


The scenery is a bit above average for that of central Iowa. Much of the ride is cornfields, however, the state parks are the highlights of the ride by far. Twisty roads, limestone cliffs, river views.

Drive Enjoyment

The route is made up of very well-paved roads. Watch out for gravel in intersections and take all tight corners within reason. Also keep an eye out for deer and farm machinery.

Tourism Opportunities

Dolliver State Park and Brushy Creek State Recreation Area are really cool areas to see and must be explored on a motorcycle. Stop for a quick side hike at Dolliver park, and for a bite to eat in Lehigh. Much of the route follows the Dragoon Trail. If you're a local history buff, you'll know that the Dragoons were the 1st Infantry mounted unit that marched the Des Moines River valley shortly after the Black Hawk Purchase of 1832.

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