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By WingWanders (422 McR Points) on Sep 29, 2020

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422 McR Points
October 29, 2020
Awesome ride even near towns, some construction…

Written Directions

On the north side of Martinsville on the busy city multi-lane IN 39 turn east onto IN44 heading for Franklin. Within a 1/2 mile you'll be in on a fun relaxing, yet exhilarating ride.


You are in suburbia for a few minutes but this route helps you leave crazy civilization behind. It turns into hilly forested area before straightening out some in the farm lands as you head east and get closer to Franklin, IN.

Drive Enjoyment

The first ten miles are twisties and blind hills that might cause you to catch your breath a couple of times as you crest to see if you're leaning left, right, or just going downhill. After the first ten miles, the road straightens somewhat, but still good sweeps and less of the twisties, but still worth the ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Martinsville is a busy area with footprint of I69 being constructed through it (2020's) and Franklin is a town of size, so there are plenty of restaurants and service stations, but the best part is definitely the road! Most of the time you are in forested hills or farmland as it winds between the two towns.

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October 29, 2020
422 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
Awesome ride even near towns, some construction and detours later on, tho. State maps and Google maps differ on how to get into Franklin.
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