Motorcycle Roads in South Dakota

"Motorcycle roads in South Dakota (SD) can be typified by the two predominant scenery regions of the Mount Rushmore State - east of the Missouri River and west of the Missouri River. The eastern region consists of low hills, lakes formed by glaciers ages ago and dominated by farm country today. To the west, the topography has more of a western feel with deep canyons and rolling plains and has two very noteworthy areas - the Black Hills and Badlands (specifically the Badlands National Park). Great motorcycle rides can be found in the beautiful and lush Black Hills as they are not only a cornucopia of spectacular scenery but also home to Mount Rushmore. The Badlands are an inspiring and striking collection of stone pyramids, canyons, & domes colored in various shades yellows, reds, grays and browns ... bring plenty of film on this trip! "