Country Station 53 - By Rich_Deluxe

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By Rich_Deluxe (2 McR Points) on Feb 09, 2015

Creator : Rich
Motorcycle Type : Touring

We started on Bragg BLVD and took 24 to 421. There's a lot of construction on 24 and the roads are pretty rough but once you get closer to Clinton they get better. The further south you go on 421 the better roads and the view get. But overall not bad, mostly farmland and cattle. Able to cruise around 65mph through most of the route. We crossed over on 53 and picked up 40 West on the way back to save time. It was nice to open up stayed around 80 mph. Overall the route took us 4.5hrs a little much but not bad. Amenities are few but enough nothing worth making a trip for but good enough to stretch your legs out. Enjoy and ride to survive!!!

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