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By Anthon Plake (0 McR Points) on Jun 14, 2019

Creator : Anthon
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

This was a great ride. I particularly enjoyed the southern part of the route but there are plenty of great straightaways with a good amount of curves as well across the whole thing. We came from Lake Worth so I mixed in another trail called the Dinosaur Valley Route and hit that both on the way to Waco and back. Rode with my dad (K1600GT) and a friend (Yamaha Warrior 1800cc) and they both had a lot of fun. Stop at Jake's Texas Tea House for a bite to eat in downtown Waco or Common Grounds for a quick coffee. We also enjoyed the Waco National Mammoth Monument (random but really intriguing). For dinner we stopped at Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville. Made a day out of it starting at 9am and ending around 7:30pm. Would recommend!

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